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An addon for Blender that allows users to procedurally create tile based maps. You can download the blender file attached, or follow the steps below to create your own setup.

How To Use

Import The Addon

Download generation.py. Open your Blender file, and go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Import generation.py.

Create Tiles

This is a very crucial part that can be easily messed up. You will need to create 11 different tiles in a specific order with a specific shape and orientation. You will need to create 4 different tiles, show below. Yellow represents a wall. Be sure to make your walls half of a normal wall, as the generators will put two tiles together, creating a full wall. Front means positive Y, back means negative Y, right means position X, left means negative X. Make 1 floor, rename it to Tile.000. When you crate a new tile, copy the previous tile. This will help you later when you have to name the tiles.

Tiles (in order):

  • An empty space:
  • One Wall Tile (wall to the left):
  • One Wall Tile (wall to the front):
  • One Wall Tile (wall to the back):
  • One Wall Tile (wall to the right):
  • Parallel Wall Tile (walls on right and left):
  • Parallel Wall Tile (walls on front and back):
  • Two Wall Tile (walls front and left):
  • Two Wall Tile (walls back and left):
  • Two Wall Tile (walls back and right):
  • Two Wall Tile (walls front and right):

After creating your tiles, hit Ctrl + A and select Rotation and Scale. Also be sure the tile is one object (join the meshes of the wall, ceiling, and tile). Now you will name them. Each tile is named Tile. with the number after it. For example, the tiles (in order) will go: Tile.0, Tile.1, Tile.2, Tile.3, Tile.4, Tile.5, Tile.6, Tile.7, Tile.8, Tile.9, and Tile.10. Tip: you can hit F2 anywhere in the viewport to rename the active object.

Lastly, make a new Collection, and name it Assets. Put all your tiles in the collection. You're done!

Run The Algorithm

After creating your tiles, go to Object in the upper right hand corner of the viewport. At the bottom, you will see two generators. Select one, and it will generate a map using its corresponding method. Immediately after generating, you will see a panel in the bottom left corner of the viewport. This will allow you to change the generation to your liking. All generated tiles will be added to a new collection called Tiles.


Contact me using the methods below if you encounter an error or have questions.

Discord: ARMN88#8281
Email: 250189@d230.org


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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